Dedicated to a relationship with our Sunshine Coast community of artists.

Silver Moon Gallery & Fine Art Printery

Connect with local artists and let us capture your masterpieces with quality process and quality product.

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About Silver Moon

Silver Moon Gallery & Fine Art Printery

Our Gallery represents art in many forms and it is made strictly by local artists. Our walls are filled with carvings and paintings from resident Artist Levi Purjue, as well we have a collection of other locally made treasures, from cards to coasters and other local artists works of art that will ground you and always remind you of the Sunshine Coast. 
As we are a working gallery there is a small print studio attached. We use the latest technologies available to ensure high end quality work that could be found in a large print studio in the city. In an effort to keep our artists printing local we offer 30% printing compared to our peers in Vancouver. This is one on one personalized service that is close to home and will work hard to establish a printing relationship with our local artists regardless of the medium that they create in. If you want a digital reproduction of your work or a paper/canvas print we will be able to help you, also we will store your images for you so that at any time you wish to have another print done we are able to do. 
We are a small team that works very hard to bring our passion for art and community together. 

Our Vision

At the Silver Moon Gallery & Fine Art Printery we are a space dedicated to supporting artists that live on the Sunshine Coast. We have endeavoured to bring the quality you could find at a big city high-end printer here and of course just added a little smalltown charm.

Our Approach

We take a collaborative approach to every project, working closely with our clients to understand their needs and vision. Our team of skilled designers and artists use the latest technology and techniques to bring your ideas to life.

Our Printing

Our quality process delivers quality product. You can expect to be satisfied with both the process and the final product. We have invested in the most advanced wide format printer, fine art archival papers and canvases. We use a top of the line cameras, and other technologies to produce the finest results and guarantee that you will be satisfied!
Quality . Reproductions . Archival . Giclée . Print . Local . Community . Trusted .
Quality . Reproductions . Archival . Giclée . Print . Local . Community . Trusted .
Where Art Comes to Life

Timeless Masterpiece Prints

Totem Of The Sea

These highly intelligent, powerful creatures are a marvel. Having a strong family unit,

Raven Over North Beach

Low tide on Haida Gwaii's North beach provides miles of uninterrupted pirate land for "Tsesk' iye" [big crow].


This depiction of “Sea Wolves” riding a moonlit coastline pays homage to my northern homeland.

“Northern traveller”

This travelling orca is not lonely he’s accompanied by Ravens, guided by moonlight and a dancing

“Che’kee” [Woman Warrior]

I named this piece after my mother, her indigenous name was “Che’kee”. This painting is truly a piece of my heart.

Edge Of The World

I have often thought about how the Orca perceives the single moment before they crossover

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Silver Moon Gallery - Where Art Meets Precision Printing

 Born and raised on Haida Gwaii, Tahltan artist Levi (Mala’) Purjue is inspired by the pristine beauty of the B.C Northwest Coast and the vast ocean that seems to preserve it from the rest of the world. Currently he resides on the Sunshine Coast of B.C which has its own beautiful characteristics and natural unique landscapes. Music is a fundamental part of his inspiration and as a musician, creates an Avenue of creative expression through his artwork. Being a contemporary artist with traditional elements, Naturalism is his style as he strives to evoke the feeling of motion in his artwork. 

Levi is also a wood Carver, using mainly red and yellow cedar to create expressions of indigenous culture. “Carving from a natural and living material such as wood, feels so completely grounding.” Levi says, “It’s like walking barefoot on the beach, it just grounds your body’s energy.”

Silver Moon Paintng

Some Of Our Art

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Our Process

Our Quality Process


Walk-in or book an appointment for a one on one consultation so we can understand your vision and align our services to meet that.


No matter the medium you create in our reproductions will be able to capture the magic. Deliver your art to the gallery or in-home captures can be arranged for larger or fragile pieces. When the capture has been digitalized, we will notify you to book a consultation to review your proof.


After we have a signed printers proof, the actual printing can proceed. Choose from a variety of fine art archival papers, exhibition canvas or even aluminum. If your prints are done on Hot Press Bright, Cold Press Bright, or Premium Luster Photo Paper same day printing may be available.

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